How the sausage was made.

Feliq started creating Cee & Bee early 2009 then over the years and along the way was distracted by life and the more annoying members of his entourage. Don't resent these people.

Sketched, scribbled and written using old fashioned flop sweat, then penciled and inked on paper. After each page was completed it was brought to life with the power of the modern computer.

Drawn and designed with ease of editing of mind.  I ended up redrawing and writing most of the first 30 pages then numerous other panels. Now I'm chomping at the bit to start their next story.


The sloppy guts of a modern comic.

I made a conscious decision to draw Cee & Bee in a pared down style with clean line, flat color and a simplified panel lay out to make it more appealing to the non traditional comic reader and to encourage me to edit.