Sample pages for graphic novel pitch, Bronx Totem. Full synopsis available on request.


An impulsive young woman in the Bronx wrestles with ancient, mystical forces that are intent in dragging her down a daunting path. Guided by 3 women she learns the truth of her overwhelming situation and how she may be able to turn the tables and find her purpose.


Flighty and aimless Beatriz’s life starts spiralling out of control when she discovers the body of the Bronx Borough President and gets pulled into a creeping, supernatural conspiracy.

Three mysterious women and her Father guide her along a trail of suspicion, vague memories and fragmented clues revealing to Beatriz that her life and that of her Father is deeply intertwined in the recent tragedy. Her fever for answers gains an intense urgency as her sleep becomes elongated and plagued by surreal and vast, fathomless dreams. Adding to her confusion she starts waking, buried, progressively deeper in the soil of the Bronx.

Exhausted and distressed Beatriz learns she is destined to be a subterranean bride to the Bronx and that her Father always knew. Furious about the position she has been put in she convinces the Bronx to make her a partner, not spouse. After reconciling with her father and starting a disjointed, rudimentary dialogue with the Bronx they are guided together to Orchard Beach in the East Bronx. Where 22 years earlier, Beatriz’s mother drowned.

After a warm goodbye her Father watches Beatriz disappear in a huge, distorted, contorting tower of Bronx debris and paraphernalia. Beatriz, motivated and excited about the incredible new stage in her life.

- Each chapter is  separated by a single page black and white short story. See the final sample page.

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