Cee & Bee run around, smash things up and get in trouble.

“The graphic novel Cee & Bee is — by and large — unlike any comicbook graphic novel you’ve ever read, unless you, like Ed Traquino, were raised on a steady diet of Tintin and other European comics. Traquino a NYC based commercial artist who works under the pseudonym Feliq, has crafted a truly unique tale in his graphic novel. As we understand it, Cee & Bee began life as a web comic that eventually morphed into the print edition that is now available on Amazon. As stated, the nominal heroines of the title, do in fact run around, smash things up and get in trouble. The book is an over-sized softcover edition and runs a 112 pages that is in the very proud tradition of Hergé and early Spielberg and it is sprinkled with generous amounts of irreverent humor.

Unlike the mass of superheroes, zombies, and other clutter out there saturating this market, Traquino’s story is specifically designed with the non-traditional comic reader in mind. He has produced a “PG-13”-rated, comedic story of contemporary international adventure that is set in Europe, bouncing around through Naples, Italy, and Ethiopia as it follows a pair of very different sisters as they attempt to learn and scuttle the plans of an aspiring villain. The girls are aspiring private eyes who have been hired to tail a mysterious stranger as he sets about on some nefarious plan to do some very bad thing. We then follow the girls as they trail the villain of the piece — chasing, running away, and eventually confronting him and his hapless minions. To be sure, the girls are not so well organized, bad tempered, and very often confused as they set out on their grand adventure, and the fun of the story simply doesn't let up especially when things go horribly (comedicly) astray for our heroines.

Traquino is an Emmy-nominated British graphic artist who is currently based in New York City. When not creating comics (writing, penciling, inking, lettering, coloring; and occasionally even reading them), his passion and enthusiasm for visual narrative, is expressed by working as a graphic artist for the publishing, film, and advertising industries, where he produces both digitally or for print. His work in Cee & Bee is wonderfully engaging as it draws the reader into the ordinariness of the protagonist’s’ lives as they stumble, bumble and bicker their way through their assignment. Clearly these girls are operating out of their depths. As they attempt to fathom out what the villain is up to, and yet, even managing through their own ineptness, they are able to somehow manage too…well, you’ll just have to purchase your own copy to find out about that, eh?

Needless to say, Cee & Bee is good clean fun for the comicbook reader as it presents a very entertaining and engaging tale that delivers its share of thrills and laughs at these two sisters chase down a bad guy who is up to no good. The art is delightful, the dialogue is natural, and the story itself is just plain fun. You’ll totally want to have this book as part of your collection.”

Bob Sodaro, examiner.com

Cee & Bee run around, smash things up and get in trouble.

“Occasionally a book comes out that is both different to the current crowd and an absolute joy because of it. ‘Cee & Bee’ wears it’s European influence boldly on it’s sleeve and would easily sit comfortably next to books from Cinebooks or Delcourt. It is bold with clean lines, gorgeous detail and a stingingly individual sense of humour. It’s the difference in approach from your average UK and USA comics that make it’s two female leads a joy to read. Unashamedly fun in approach and narrative it’s the sort of book you could buy again and again as a present.”

Tony Ezmond, beardrock.com